Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Only because I hate wasting bandwidth...

Guilty as charged, I have not posted in nearly two years but I've been working hard. I'm not someone that lives his life on line or blow my own horn but that hasn't stopped me from an occasional post about new images or lessons learned.

 Over the past two years, I've worked with some new Clients and explored new ways of injecting my personality into my images. Sometimes, one can get lucky and find people that want to take chances and change directions. I have been blessed to be able to work with one of my best friends and achieve a couple career goals.

 One of my favorite people was getting married and she asked me to walk her down the aisle. Tami is an amazing Food Stylist and we met years ago when we were shooting fashion. We both transitioned to food images about the same time and it's been an amazing time to just watch her grow.

I have recently started working with a Restaurant Group that's looking to change the style that their food was being shot. It's been a pleasure working with Tami, her Assistant Abby and the Creative's working with the Group. The images are just starting to appear so I'm just beginning to post them.

On a person note, I continue to work on my thirteen year old car and love taking it apart and restore it to it's past glory. Although it seems to be the most temperamental car I've ever owned, I still love just taking it out for a drive and even tried out a new lens the other day.

Tami and Mike have recently moved out to the country and I'm sure that there will be personal projects shot at their home. I promise not to wait another two years, stay tuned for more images like these to follow.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sometimes the smallest thing can ignite a little creativity.

Yes, I am aware that it has been quite a while since I've last visited. No, I was not stranded on an island or doing time in the Graybar Hotel but it does feel like I have. Perhaps I have been on a hiatus, not of my choosing but perhaps it's the Spring like weather or other changes going on in my life but I have a renewed need to just go out and shoot some things that I encounter during my day. It's not work oriented just even high tech experiments.

This week, I picked up a Canon G12 point and shoot camera. It's amazing how the cameras I use for work are always used in manual mode and it seems so natural for me. This G12 has so many options and sub menus that it will give you a headache if you don't read a little before picking it up. The "miniature mode" has certainly caught my attention and I hope that I don't bore others by using it too much. Anyway, I will post a few images and hope that I inspire a few people to pick up a camera and share their experiences with others.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Rainbows, butterflies and little icing swirls

Perhaps it started with my Mother baking cookies or pies or even a double layer cake when I was a little boy. Who am I fooling, my Mom could barely open a box of Little Debbie snack cakes in between a Marlboro Light and afternoon cocktail. I have had a sweet tooth as long as I can remember. Cheesecake, brownies and keylime pie are my favorites and I'd gladly replace them for dinner if I had the choice.
My friend Tami has dropped off another batch of cupcakes. This time, they are Red Velvet with a Creme Cheese icing and I had to do something productive before sitting down and eating one or two. Is it any wonder that I feel the need to go out in this heat and go for a run? Maybe I'll download the soundtrack to Willy Wonka or Tony Bourdain's podcast for my iPod...just after I finish that last cupcake. Thank you, Tami!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Nothing says, "I Love You" like cupcakes...

It's been a long, hot, patience testing summer here in Hotlanta. It's a miracle those Police helicopters aren't circling over my studio but we won't get into that story. My friend Tami, the genius Food Stylist and Mad Scientist in the kitchen came by with a batch of double chocolate cupcakes. All I can say is that I had to save the last three for a personal shoot. Yes, I ate the less photogenic ones but the hero's were not sacrificed until the job was completed. Now, after the sugar buzz has kicked in to effect I can send them to a better place... Thank you Tami and I'm hoping that you believe that nothing says, "I Love You" like a martini made from organic vokda with a jar of pickled green tomato garnish. Cheers and think of me if you hear a helicopter flying overhead.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Top Chef Wednesday

Is it any wonder that considering my career, I embrace the reality show Top Chef. It all started after a far too filling dinner of BBQ. It left me feeling that a two day fast would be in order. My friend Tami, the Food Stylist was working all week and we wanted to cook something in honor of the show. I decided to go vegetarian with braised Red Cabbage with a little goat cheese and roasted Acorn Squash brushed with brown sugar. The meal was a hit and we continued the meal all season.

As you can see, the guest list has grown and I have met some very nice people. A couple weeks ago, the party moved to Clint's home for the Jamie Oliver recipe of Lobster BLT's which so conveniently fell on my birthday. Trust me, the candles on that cake could have been used to boil the water for our crustacean. The fire department was not needed and only the lobster was harmed.

Now we find ourselves at the season finale and the theme of the meal is comfort food. In honor of our favorite contestant, Richard Blais of the restaurant Home. I try my hand at a spicy fried chicken, I bring back the braised Red Cabbage and a spicy Cornbread. Tami creates the Mac and Cheese with an added layer of Bleu Cheese, a Black Berry Cobbler and the spike in my Spiked Arnold Palmer cocktail. The twist is the ice cubes are made with sweet iced tea.

Unfortunately, our favorite did not win but I think he won people over with his constant display of talent, imagination and most of all his generosity to his competitors. I can't wait to dine at his restaurant and show him some support.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Amnesia in Atlanta...

Sometimes, it's all about who you know. My friend Tami is the top Food Stylist in Atlanta and she blogs about food and wine. She had an extra ticket to Toast of the Town, a wine tasting and food gathering to be held at Atlanta's Georgia Aquarium. Needless to say, I happily volunteered to be the Official Photographer to runningwithtweezers.com for the evening. The question suddenly occured to me, can you hold a wine glass and operate a camera at the same time?

I will have to admit that I really wasn't concerned about gathering information on the details of food and wine. I imagine the pictures speak for themselves. My highlights consisted of meeting Michael, Woodfire Grills Executive Chef, Olivier from Grand Marnier and Tauras' roast beef and garlic mashed potatoes. I have a philosophy when it comes to food and wine, there is no better expression of love than to actually prepare a meal or adult beverage for someone. That was certainly confirmed after meeting Michael and Olivier and I'd like to thank them and all the vendors that attended the event.

When I asked Tami, "What exactly did we eat and drink tonight?" her response was simply "everything".

Sunday, March 30, 2008

My $3.00 Photo Shoot

I am suffering from a photo shoot hangover. I received a call from a magazine this week about doing a shoot. I have never worked with the Photo Editor and the shoot would be at one of top restaurants in Atlanta. I was excited about the shoot and challenged by the PE, who is a former photographer. Anyway, the shoot went well and I got what I wanted. I've got to admit that it kicked my butt. But, don't we all want to be challenged by our job and continue to improve?

So, it's a grey kind of Sunday morning and I'm looking in the cupboard for breakfast. Suddenly, I see a box of blueberry muffin mix. The little light bulb goes on over my head and I think that it would be fun to try something new. I proceed to make coffee and break open the mix.

I am trying to broaden my horizon and go low tech. The muffins, a linen, a plate, no lights and I'm off. As the commercial goes, Blueberry Muffin Mix $3.00, Going Green by using no lights, recharging your creative energy... priceless.